we work to eradicate the leprosy disease and make all leprosy free.


Our Vision

The vision of this organization is to improve the livelihood of Leprosy Affected person (LAP), Physically/mentally impaired person (P/MIPs) and other vulnerable strata of society through appropriate social welfare activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create stigma-free society related to leprosy and Physically/mentally impaired person to ensure equitable opportunities for them.

Our Objectives

The main objective of the organization is to create livelihood opportunities of P/MIPs, disadvantaged and other vulnerable persons of society. The specific objectives are as follows:

    • Create self-reliance through promoting of self-employment
    • Create public awareness
    • Prevent social stigma against leprosy and the rights of PAHD and P/MIPs through information and education
    • Assist in community development and relief programs
    • Help P/MIPs suffering from various disease and supporting senior citizens
    • Provide health services and conduct studies of how we can improve our services
    • Raise the level of education among children of PAHD, P/MIPs and other disadvantage groups
    • Enhance skills of target groups and the standard of living
    • Make professional services  available and planning for implementation, monitoring, supervision and education in the field of welfare of the disabled section of society

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