we work to eradicate the leprosy disease and make all leprosy free.

Our Partners

1. Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation / The Nippon Foundation

  • >> Free Clinic & Dressing Center
  • >> Radio Awarness Program
  • >> Doctor & Nurses

Visit site: www.smhf.or.jp






2. Medical Mercy (Canada)

  • >> Accomodation & Fooding for in-patient ward
  • >> Support for office assistant & office managers

Visit site: www.medicalmercycanada.org


3. The Gorkhkali Tyre Pvt.Ltd

  • >> Sponsor for Six Months ECR 104.20 FM


4. Promise Nepal

Visit site: www.promisenepal.org.UK

5. World Health Organization


6. World Vision International


7. Latter-Day Saint Charities




9. German Embassy Kathmandu


10. Nepal Government office



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