we work to eradicate the leprosy disease and make all leprosy free.

Message from President

mesg-frm-predIt is our pleasure to welcome you to the official website of READ-Nepal. READ-Nepal was established in 2005 and is affiliated with Administration District Office No. 677-061-062 and Social Welfare Council No. 18047. READ’s mission and goals were conceptualized by a group of leprosy affected and disabled Nepalis who envision a leprosy free society without social stigma.

READ Nepal was established to change preconceptions and the sense of hopelessness that occurs when one is diagnosed with leprosy in Nepal. Many in our society believe that leprosy is a curse from the gods and a result of sin in a previous life. They also believe that leprosy has no cure.

These preconceptions lead to people hiding the symptoms and prevents them from seeking and receiving critical treatment that will stop the bacteria M. leprae in the early stages and before long-term disability sets in. Leprosy is curable and can leave no trace, but only when caught and treated early in the progression of the disease

READ Nepal serves the disabled and leprosy affected Nepalis in a multitude of ways from free ongoing medical services such as wound cleaning and dressing, to training the people in income generating activities such as handi-crafts, candle production, tailoring, and Batika training. READ also organizes mobile health camps throughout the country, distributes wheelchairs to individuals suffering from physical disabilities, conducts leprosy awareness programs, and offers other forms of vocational training.

When we born on this earth we bring nothing and take nothing when we die. We are just guest for few days in this earth, So, I would like to request to do good thing for the society rather than being greedy and jealous.

If you are interested in helping to promote the dignity, human rights, and overall health of leprosy affected individuals and those suffering from physical or mental disability, I welcome you to join this crucial cause. We welcome any support whether it is financial, technical, or volunteer assistance.

I myself have suffered the discrimination that comes along with leprosy. When I was six years old, I was diagnosed with the disease along with two of my sisters. Years later, I approached a Doctor about a scholarship for pharmacy school. The Doctor told me not to bother to pursue my dreams due to my deformed hands. These words stung and ever since that moment, I chose to not only prove that Doctor wrong (I am now a certified Pharmacist and the Director/ Founder of READ), but to encourage all leprosy affected individuals to recognize their potential to fulfill their own dreams.

Now I am suffer both 100% renal failure since 3.5 year I am doing peritoneal Dialysis in every 6 hours and I lost recently my both leg above knee and still god with me. God gives me strength and still I am working for our friends who need help and care and support also we are lobby to Nepal government. READ-Nepal is first leprosy affected organization in Nepal and also member organization in NFDN-Nepal.

Please join us in this cause of dignity and compassion


Raj Kumar Shah
President, READ-Nepal

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