we work to eradicate the leprosy disease and make all leprosy free.


1. What is Leprosy?

Leprosy is caused by mycobacterium leprae and it is a bacterial disease, specially affects of the nervous system, the peripheral nerves and skin. it resides at the cooler areas of tissue and its growth is slowly and it takes a long time to infect before the patient notices. Coughing and sneezing easily spreads Leprosy to other people but it is dependent on immunity of the people. “Healthy people who have strong immunity to defend against mycobacterium leprae cannot be affected by the organism. It is two types 1. PB (Public Bacilli) 2. MB (Multi Bacilli) Who have high power to suppress the bacterial immunity then it is not spreads to healthy people. After starting treatment leprosy does not spreads to other people. This disease not mentioned rich or poor person. It spreads in person poor hygiene and malnourished, who have very low or no resistance power i.e. immunity power.

2. When was the first drug and treatment done for leprosy?

Leprosy disease found out in 1873 by the Dr. Anmar Hansen’s so this disease also called Hansen’s disease. Only 50 yrs ago leprosy patients died from their illness and the first drug was discovered sulphonamides to effective to treated leprosy that drugs was in 1948 and that drugs groups of sulphones. DDS Diamino Diphenyl Sulphones) is also called Dapsonl from the beginning of 1982. Patients have to treat long duration with DDS and its shows more side effects for e.g. Allergy and bacteria can resistant it, so later patient have been treated with combination of medicines MDT (Multi Drug Therapy) if the treatment is administered in the early stages deformities, disabilities and invalidity can be avoided.

Multi Drug Therapy are of Two types:
PB MDT (Public Bacilli Multi drug Therapy) 6-9 months
MT MDT (Multi Bacilli Multi Drug Therapy) 12 – 24 months

3. What are the drugs used to cure leprosy?

Drugs names which is used to cure leprosy
a. Clofazimine
b. DDS (Dapsone)
c. Rifampicin

4. How to kill Mycobacterium Laprae?

It blocks transcription by interacting with the B-subunit of bacterial DNA. Dependent RNA polymetase Thus inhibiting RNA synthesis by suppressing the initiation step

It is a phenazine dye that binds to DNA and inhibits template function. Its redox properties may used to the generation of cytodoxin oxygen radicals that are also toxic to the bacteria. Clofaziminse is bactericidal to mycobacterium laprae.

DDS(Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone):
It acts as a PABA(Para Benzoic acid)autogonist to inhibit folate bio synthesis

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