we work to eradicate the leprosy disease and make all leprosy free.

Contribution of Calvary Chapel South Maui and HAND Nepal

Thank you very much for your great support and distribution of warm winter cloth to the poor and leprosy disabled patient with your own hand in our READ-Nepal center. You know that in Nepal during winter session many poor and bigger leprosy affected patient was die due to very cold and poor nutrition. We thought that what you distribution warm cloth make some better life for them.

Calvary Chapel South Maui and HAND Nepal are our very good and close contact organization, who support every year to distribution of cloth for patient. This year patient was as happy as they choose their cloth from market themselves according to size. We once again thank you for such a wonderful kind co operation to us and hope that it will be continues. We are very much appreciated to those who personally visited to our center for distribution of cloth they are following:

  1. Coleen Rishovd
  2. Valerie Casco
  3. Kayla Casco
  4. Charles Uahinui
  5. Reisae Young
  6. Curtis Taylor

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