we work to eradicate the leprosy disease and make all leprosy free.

Clinical Department

1. Our patient service

Leprosy affected and other disable people are the main focusing person for the General Health Clinic up for their illness most of the visible deform leprosy affected person are living at the Pashupati temple area for the begging and collecting some money for their daily life. There is no any other health service near Pashupati temple so when they are sick, visit at the real Nepal clinic for check up. We have small pharmacy contain essential medicine which we provide to patient free of cost after Dr. Consultation. Diarrhea, chest infection, fever, skin problem, ulcer, upper respiratory track problem are the common disease presented in our clinic, around 20-30 patient are daily redistricted in our OPD. Patient are very happy and feet easy in our clinic as friendly environment and easy to visit there are other General people also visit in our clinic for their health check up but they have to pay 50  of total cast which we have to adjust in leprosy work.








2. Inpatient Service

Rehabilitation Empowerment and development Nepal need provided inpatient service also for the daily care of severely Disable people complicated ulcer after septic surgery, and other sickness. Most of the leprosy affected person had senseless foot and hand due to the leprosy bacilli damage peripheral nerve so had hinny changes of develop my  foot ulcer then other General person once the patient had develop ulcer if they are careless and protected of their ulcer might be convert into complicated ulcer. Complicated ulcer should be treating by septic surgery. Those who had septic surgery snood admit in ward for rest and daily dressing. We have separately male and female ward including 10 beds. All most ward is full of patient all the time.

imps1 imps2imps3







3. Self care service

Leprosy is Infectious disease causal by micro bacterium leprous it mainly affected peripheral nerve and skin. Due to the peripheral nerve damage patient had develop Anesthetic feet and hand. Anesthetic feet and hand are just like a tapir les tub in wheel; even the small misted mightily chance of puncture. So for the leprosy and leprosy affected person senseless let and hand should be daily more care then other General person. We provided regular self care teaching to patient about how to protected foot, hand and eye. Advice to daily soaking in cold water as senseless feet always dry and sweetness. Once the hand and feet dryness, highly change of cracking and develop ulcer. For rottenly develop ulcer patient should do daily socking in cold water scraping then oiling for smooth and soft. In our clinic all the leprosy affected person should do daily soaking in cold water before dressing.

self1 self2 self3






4.  Daily Dressing Service.

Most of all leprosy affected person had senseless feet and hand so they had recurrent change of ulcer daily dressing is only way of the protecting further damage of ulcer. Dressing makes ulcer clean and prevention of infection and small. We have separately dressing room for patient ulcer care , where we provided scraping of the hard callus, dressing the ulcer then bandaging. Most of the our patient are begging in city and pasupati temple. They are walking an most whole day so had very bad smelly ulcer at the end day if they had not regular proper dressing it might be change of infection and develop all complicated ulcer whine lead to deform and disable in future. Dressing to the leprosy ulcer looks like a small things but it delay big role to preventing complicated ulcer and make permanently disable.








5.   Laboratory service

Laboratory service is another most important part of the health check up clinic we had provided only essential laboratory service to the patient. According to the doctor advice we provided lab investigation free of cost. We have one lab technician with good working lab instrument. For definite diagnosis of disease laboratory investigation report help much erasers to us. So patient not need to so other place for sample lab investigation.

lab1 lab2







6. Footwear service

Leprosy senseless feet is highly risk of developing ulcer frequently. So protection of foot is only the method of preventing develop ulcer. Micro cellar rubber (MCR) foot wear is only benefit for those who have senseless foot. We have foot wear department where we make a MCR sandal according to patient foot size. We also provided canvas shoes to the patient with MCR insole. For patient knowledge update we give time to time health education regarding foot care and advantage of regular wearing foot wear.

foot1 foot2 foot3

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